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Friday, July 10, 2009

A Stimulus Failure Here in NH

Stories continue to surface across the country of millions of dollars from this supposed “jobs bill” being wasted on projects that will have little if any impact on the nation's rising unemployment.

Today, the New Hampshire Union Leader reports of $3 million dollars being sent to the University of New Hampshire, none of which will be used to create real full time jobs:
Hopes that federal stimulus money would help restore cuts at the University of New Hampshire appear to be dashed after officials announced this week they will get $3 million, but none of the money will be used to rehire employees terminated in June.

UNH dealt with a more than $8 million budget deficit in its fiscal year ending last month by firing and reducing the hours of some workers, cutting operating costs and instituting a salary freeze.

University President Mark Huddleston said during an open budget forum in May that stimulus money could help to alleviate the budget problem, but at the beginning of June more drastic measures were taken.

Although it's possible UNH may yet receive more stimulus money, it's unlikely any of that could be used to rehire employees because most of the grants require the cash to be spent on specific projects.
A call to UNH revealed that this $3 million would likely result in:
  • 11 new part time post-graduate student positions

  • 7 new part time graduate student positions

  • 1 new post-doctoral student position

  • 1 saved research position

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  1. I did a little research on the "Stimyus Package) at stimulus.org. This is where the actual projects are posted, along with the $$$ amount. If you took out the road projects (something we already pay for with our fuel taxes), 99% of the cash is going to turning the New Boston Airfarc base into some sort of TajMajal. The point is: we are sucking more money out of taxpayers to pay for projects already funded by taxes, and doing a crap job of creating jobs with "stimulus $". How many people will get jobs spreading skim coats of pavement to hide bad roads? And do we really need a fancy Airforce Base in New Boston. and why are the "New Hampshire dollars" being rerouted to Hanscom Airforce base in Massachusetts? Hmmm, something stinks.