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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Buffet Calling for a Second Stimulus?

As the Democrats' $787 billion dollar giveaway disguised as a stimulus continues to flounder, calls for another spending package to fix the first continue to grow - today with a few words from Warren Buffett:
Buffett, a supporter of President Barack Obama during last year's election campaign, said a second economic stimulus package might be needed. The Obama administration says it does not see a need for a second stimulus yet.

"I think a second one may well be called for. It is not a panacea. A stimulus is the right thing. You hope it doesn't get watered down," he said.

He likened the first $787 billion stimulus package passed by Congress to "half a tablet of Viagra and then having also a bunch of candy mixed in --- it doesn't have really quite the wallop."

Buffett said unemployment had "a ways to go" and he would not be surprised to see it hit 11 percent before it recovers.

"I'm not predicting it but no that would not surprise me," he said of the 11 percent figure.

1 comment:

  1. Buffet like Gates and all the big money that voted for Obama have nothing to lose. Give money to people in Africa and ignore the poor in this country.
    Another stimulas will hurt the working people but not Buffet. Rather than giving his money to a foreign country donate to all umemployed since Obama came into office.