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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"0.006% of the Estimated Federal Deficit"

Following up on last month's Presidential directive that all cabinet level agencies look for ways to trim a whopping $100 million from the federal government's nearly $3 trillion budget, the Wall Street Journal today publishes an interesting look at exactly what the various agencies are cutting to reach this goal:
The Forest Service will no longer repaint its new, white vehicles green immediately upon purchase. The Army will start packing more soldiers onto R&R flights. The Navy will delete unused email accounts. ...

The Justice Department estimates it can save $573,000 through fiscal 2010 by setting up its printers and copiers to use both sides of the paper. By emailing some documents instead of printing them out, the Department of Homeland Security will save $318,000. ...

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is going to save $3.8 million by refurbishing and reusing or selling its emergency trailers -- like the ones provided to people displaced by hurricanes -- instead of ditching them.

Only one cabinet office proposed actually eliminating a program. The Department of Labor says it will disband the nearly 40-year-old Employment Standards Administration. With it goes an assistant secretary of labor, two deputy assistants and an administrative office.

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