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Monday, July 20, 2009

Obama’s Marks Continue to Drop

A new Washington Post – ABC News poll released today shows that President Obama has dropped below 60 percent approval rating for the first time in his Presidency. This represents a drop of six percentage points in only a month.

Most concerning for the President and Congressional Democrats though is that Obama’s approval numbers on a couple hot button agenda items. For example:
  • “Since April, approval of Obama's handling of health care has dropped from 57 percent to 49 percent, with disapproval rising from 29 percent to 44 percent.”

  • “Obama's approval rating on his handling of the deficit is down to 43 percent, as independents now tilt toward disapproval (42 percent approve; 48 percent disapprove).”

  • “Approval of Obama's handling of the overall economy stands at 52 percent, with 46 percent disapproving, and, for the first time in his presidency, more Americans strongly disapprove of his performance on the economy than strongly approve. Last month, 56 percent gave him positive marks on this issue.”

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