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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fred's Union Leader Op-Ed

STEWARD Founder Fred Tausch wrote an op-ed for today’s Union Leader entitled, "We Must Push to Bring Fiscal Responsibility to Washington."

In it, Fred laments the big government culture running rampant in Washington, D.C., creating what he sees as a “government with little accountability and less transparency; a government that tries to do things it was not intended to do and has no idea how to do.”

He goes on to explain that it was these frustrations that led him to create STEWARD, writing:
I started Steward of Prosperity to identify, motivate and mobilize other fiscal conservatives, Republicans, responsible Democrats and independents disappointed by the Obama administration’s spending excesses. Our goal is to make the government heed to the common sense of the American people, serve our interests, share our values, and keep this county the same land of opportunity for our children that it was for us.

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  1. We have to blame ourselves and those fools we elected. We elected a weak President who could not string together two sentences. Nice guy...I'd like to have beer with him or go to a ball game...but not lead the country. We elected extremely weak Congressional leaders (Hastert, Lott, Boehner). Our nominee for President was a great war hero, but a terrible candidate who (along with GB) wanted to give amnesty to 20 million criminal aliens "to get the Spanish vote." They spent money like drunken Democrats. When Congressman Foley was flirting with young boys, our leaders knew about it and let it continue because Foley had a "safe seat" and could raise money. Gov. Romney, a good, decent man from a solid family and an impressive background in business and political leadership wanted to lead the Republican party out of the immoral and ethical sewer. But no... we couldn't nominate him because the religious bigots feared his Mormon roots. So, McCain and Huckabee traded delegates and conspired against Romney to defeat his candidacy. How'd that work out? We now have a Socialist, Ivy league, elitist President and a Socialist Congress spending our country into oblivion. Happy days are here again for our courageous media. They are already steering (and daring)the Republicans to run ex-Gov. Palin in 2012 so they can crucify her and assure that her candidacy will go down in flames (they will and it will unless the Republicans nominate Huckabee which will be worse). How many Democrats will have a "religious experience" just prior to the Iowa caucuses and register as Republican to vote for Rev. Huckabee? Who is the idiot who decided that Independents could vote in the Republican primary in NH? We still have brave young men dying everyday (although we don't report it anymore now that GB is out of office)for the liberty of people who never cared about liberty enough to fight for themselves. I don't ever want to hear Republicans blame Democrats and Independents for electing President Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. The greedy, power-hungry, corrupt, business-as-usual, spineless Republican poiliticians took advantage of their constituencies and gave us what we have today. Shame on us!