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Friday, September 18, 2009

A Vote on Gregg's Stimulus Signs Legislation

Back in June, we discussed Senator Gregg's "Axe the Stimulus Plaques" legislation to prohibit the use of federal funds to purchase the stimulus project signs we have all become familiar with over the last few months.

Late Wednesday Senator Gregg got a vote on his legislation, in the form of an amendment to a larger spending bill. Unfortunately, though not unexpectedly, the amendment failed as Senate Democrats rallied around the President in support of this egregious waste of taxpayer dollars.

The Union Leader slams the Democrats, while thanking both Sens. Gregg and Shaheen, in an op-ed today:
Adding the cost of those signs for the more than 20,000 stimulus projects nationwide, "we are talking about a cost of somewhere between $6 million and $15 million being spent on signs," Gregg told the Senate. "That is an inexcusable waste of money. That money could be used for something valuable, for example, rather than a sign."

He got only five Democrats (including Sen. Jeanne Shaheen) to vote for his amendment. It failed, 52-45.

Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., accused Gregg of being "anti-jobs." Actually, he is pro-taxpayer. "The practical effect of this is," he said, "the signs should say 'Wasting taxpayers' dollars; project funded by the future generations of Americans.'"

How political are these signs? This summer, Derry attempted to save money by not buying a sign for a stimulus-funded upgrade to the Meadowbrook water system, The Eagle-Tribune of North Andover, Mass., reported. The town was told that if it didn't put up a sign, it wouldn't get the money. It put up the sign.

These signs are nothing more than taxpayer-financed propaganda for the Democratic Party. Kudos to Sens. Gregg and Shaheen for voting against funding them. And shame on the 52 senators -- including independent Joe Lieberman -- who voted to squander public money on them.


  1. Boy, how much fun it must be to spend OPM (other peoples money). At least Shaheen did something right. She is for Cap and Trade though, and seems to vote party lines for the most part. Sadly, she will be in office for a while. Hodes wants Gregg's Senate job, what a nightnmare if he gets elected. He doesn't care about the folks in NH, he cares about keeping his goverment job, and staying in Nancy Pelosi's good graces.

  2. This makes me very upset, although I'm not surprised. To be quite honest, I think average American citizens could spend our taxpayer dollars more wisely than the Democrats. Why do they not listen to America? Why do they not want to save money and spend it wisely? I think I got a real heartache when I read some months ago that some of our tax dollars were going into research on the gnat. You know, that tiny little pesky bug? Why? When our own citizens are struggling all over this country, some living on the streets, in shelters, under bridges, some just barely meeting their needs. we send $$$ to Africa and other countries to help their poor, their war torn cities, their medical needs, why don't we use the wasted money for gnat research, and Pelosi's frogs and help our own citizens? I'n not saying cut off our giving to other countries, but let's get honest with ourselves, we can use the gnat and frog money for something alot more important.

    Millions for signs? Another waste that could be spent on something important.

    What is this country coming to? I hate corruption and selfish politicians. We elected them to represent us and look what they do! Represent themselves!!!