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Friday, September 4, 2009

Taxpayer Backlash

House Speaker Terie Norelli’s mention of an income tax in a Portsmouth Herald story yesterday has stirred up some controversy across the state.

With the “tea party movement” primed and ready, it is not surprising that the backlash to Norelli’s touching of the third rail of NH politics has been quick and coordinated:
Conservatives raised the alarm yesterday after Speaker of the House Terie Norelli was quoted in a Portsmouth paper as saying she favors an open-ended review of state revenues.

The paper said she included a state income tax as one revenue source that should be included in the study.

Several Republican groups jumped on the remark as evidence that Norelli and other Democrats are ready to pass a tax they predict will damage the fragile economy. The phrase "out of touch with New Hampshire voters" appeared in a number of press releases criticizing Norelli.
Defending her colleague in the House, Senate President Maggie Hassan told the Union Leader, "We're getting a lot of noise from the other team when we really would like constructive ideas."

Norelli made the comments referencing a planned economic summit scheduled for sometime this fall to discuss state finances. As of yet, not further details concerning the summit have emerged.

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