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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cash for Clunkers: Part Duex

Cash for Clunkers is back, though this time the wildly successful program will be focused on household appliances. From today's Eagle Tribune:

Now that you've traded in your 1989 junker, it's time to trade in the old refrigerator for a new, energy-efficient model.

The Department of Energy has made about $7 million available for New Hampshire and Massachusetts residents to purchase new, energy-efficient appliances in a program that will operate similar to the Cash for Clunkers program for automobiles.

Almost $300 million will be available nationwide, with $1.2 million allocated for New Hampshire and $6 million for Massachusetts.

But states are still working out the details of the program, which will operate differently in each state. Final applications aren't due to the federal energy department until Oct. 15.

Lisa Capone, spokeswoman for the Massachusetts Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, said after the application is filed, the federal government still has to approve each state's plan.
Unsurprisingly, retailers aren't sold on this new government gimmick:
Rick Dube, president of Dick's TV and Appliance in Methuen, said he just hopes this program operates smoother than the first Cash for Clunkers.

"I hope they do better with appliances than the cars," Dube said. Until he hears what appliances will be covered under the program, Dube said, he's not making any guesses as to how it will affect his business.

Jamie Paquet, a sales consultant with Baron's Major Brands Appliances, with stores in Plaistow and Salem, said their store is also waiting for more information from the state before they get excited.

"It's a very cloudy picture," Paquet said.

Even with a lot of unanswered questions, Paquet said he's not convinced this program will be as beneficial to the customer.

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