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Thursday, September 3, 2009

"Not All Voices Heard"

Today’s Nashua Telegraph took a swipe at Congressman Paul Hodes’ contrived and restricted health care forums.

Contrary to New Hampshire’s town hall tradition, Hodes’, “events aren't always open to the general public, and when participation isn't restricted, the locations don't allow for large crowds.”

Although the Congressman’s spokesperson defended Hodes saying, “he's been out there in excess” the truth is the Congressman’s first set of public appearances are occurring over the labor day weekend and only after intense public pressure to talk to his constituents.
On Wednesday, the New Hampshire Republican State Committee criticized Hodes for "contrived, restricted 'forums' that are not 'fully open to the public.'"

In a statement, committee Communications Director Ryan Williams wrote: "Paul Hodes has let down New Hampshire by refusing to hold a single face-to-face town hall meeting on health care during the Congressional recess. His failure to meet with his constituents in an open and unrestricted format shows that he is out of touch with New Hampshire traditions and values."

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