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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

More on the State Democrats' Tax Plans

An op-ed in today's Union Leader presses for more information on the planned economic summit that House Speaker Norelli alluded to a few days ago.

The UL looks at Rep. Susan Almy's (the summit's organizer) record of advocating for new and increased taxes across the State:
House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Susan Almy is putting together a joint legislative summit to consider changes to the state's tax laws. Almy is one of the most vocal income tax supporters in state government. But she doesn't stop there. She likes lots of other taxes.

This year her committee recommended, and she advocated, an estate tax and a capital gains tax. She's spent years searching for ways to raise taxes on Granite Staters. That she's organizing the summit is worrisome. That she deliberately kept it a secret because, she acknowledges, she didn't want the income tax information to get out, is troubling.
The Leader also calls on Almy to release the details of her secret summit and open that meeting to the very interested public:
Almy needs to release all the details about this summit immediately. The people need to know who will attend, who the presenters will be and what information our lawmakers will be given. She also needs to make sure it's open to the public. It's her job to do the people's business and do it in public, not form secret meetings to push her personal agenda on us.

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