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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Who Wants to “Do Nothing?”

Reading Twitter last night I observed a common objection to President Obama’s remarks: No one is suggesting we “do nothing” to fix the economy.

One of my favorites comes from Weekly Standard blogger Mary Katharine Ham: “Seriously, the ‘people who want to do nothing’ straw man is OVERDONE, Obama.”

Overdone, Indeed.


  1. If those in the government want the economy to breathe easier, they need to release their grip on its throat. I suppose "refrain from strangling" can be thought of as "doing nothing".

    We need complete separation of state and economics, and keep government business solely to the protection of individual rights.

  2. I agree with Hugh, eliminating or lowering corporate taxes (some of the highest in the world) and eliminating long term "capital gains" (i.e. inflation) tax would be a good start.