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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Recklessness Rewarded

Joe Scarborough on MSNBC on Monday morning:

One of the biggest drawbacks to the stimulus bill, as currently constructed, is that it rewards bad behavior on the part of governors and state legislatures that refused to control their spending when times were good. And now taxpayers from responsible states have to bail them out.


  1. It's great to know that a state like California which has been spending recklessly for years now has Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House to guarantee that the rest of the nation will be there to bail them out at our expense. The bipartisan era lasted as long as it took for the California pork patrol to fly to Washington for the initial round of gorging in the Pelosi era. I feel sorry for the President. He underestimated how selfish the entrenched political interests are.

  2. Why do you feel sorry for the President? He's as big a part of the problem as Pelosi and Reid are. If he wasn't pushing this boondoggle as hard as he could it never would have gotten off the ground. The Congress has an approval rating of about 12%. Obama's was about 83% before this all began. If he hadn't gotten behind it it would have been DOA.

    If he doesn't like the waste that's in the bill, stop going on TV and supporting it, and veto it when it comes to him for his signature. Sure, the veto will probably get overridden, but at least his name won't be all over it. As it stands now, Obama owns this bill. I have no sympathy for him, and hold him just as much accountable for the massive waste as I do Pelosi, Reid, Specter, Snowe, Collins and every Dem in Congress.

  3. Obama said during his campaign "for every new dollar spent he would cut a dollar somewhere else"..... I think he under estimated Pelosi and Reid and if he didn't then he was lying all along. We are in trouble here folks, this stimulus bill changes the face of America for generations to come. This is socialist in every sense of the word. We are on the verge of returning to the very roots of the European ways that our fore-fathers fought against at the beginning of this great nation. Historians will mark this time as "Nationalism Takes Foot in America".

  4. Obama, a small-time Alinsky guy from the wards of Chicago, is too immature to stand up to these entrenched interests. He is more to be pitied than censured in that regard. He has neither the chutzpa nor the ability to yet use his bully pulpit even to weed out the onerous parts. And 14 hours to read 1588 pages make this thing a fraud.

  5. These crooks in Congress just don't get the message. Apparently what we need to do is to march on Washington and physically throw them out of their offices before they start listening to us. Perhaps then we can have a government by the people for the people again. Meanwhile, we can pay them their handsome salaries and obscene benefits that they have voted themselves, for very little in return

  6. I read the Fred Tausch article in Union Leader. I was stunned to read that he voted for OBama and yet he comes out strong now against what was plainly coming our way. I don't get it Frank.

    Obviously the majority of American voters were contemptuous of their own ancestors devotion to logic and decided setting an example of ejecting all conservatives was a priority. Now we are all sold down river.

    Brilliant votes people. Hope you like what you voted for cause you are sure going to get it tucked to us.

  7. Fred - Voting for Obama is "Recklessness"; now we are all "Rewarded".

    Great website: