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Monday, February 23, 2009

Every Day Since Jesus

CNN doesn’t like this new ad, what do you think?


  1. Great ad, but I fear the 'horse is out of the barn'. The only thing harder to stop than a magazine subscription, is a government spending program! The fact that so many of our elected officials can throw the words 'billion' and 'trillion' around as if those dollars were sitting in the petty cash drawer in a secret desk somewhere makes me fear that they are both ignorant and arrogant. A leathal combination, to say the least and one that proves, once again, that the world is run by "C students" who have ambition! Where are the 'best & the brightest' when we need them? Certainly, they are too smart to enter into something as corrupt as American politics.

  2. We need more ads like these to educate the public on what is REALLY happening.

  3. 2 words "TERM LIMITS".
    The only way to get control back to the people is to go back to what our founding fathers intended with a federal government that gives a chance to the common man to be involved and not career politicians. If our elected officails new for sure that they would have to live by the laws and mandates that they create they would think twice about their decisions.