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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

High Marks for Performance, Not Substance

MSNBC’s Morning Joe crew gave President Obama high marks for his press conference on Monday night. For his performance. Likewise, Bob Herbert has a much buzzed about column in this morning’s New York Times in which he ladles praise on President Obama’s tactical approach to pushing the stimulus package. Herbert compares the president to “a championship chess player, always several moves ahead of friend and foe alike.”

Reasonable people can agree that President Obama communicated his message effectively and that he is a master politician. But where is the praise for the substance of the stimulus bill? Well, there is very little of it out there. One reason might be that the compromise measure as passed by the Senate has only been available to the public since 11:00 PM last Saturday night.

Another reason might be that the plan simply isn’t all that good for the economy and very few people are confident that it will work.

1 comment:

  1. Leadership should have said,"get this pork out of this bill before I sign it."
    Obama didn't do that. And Congress didn't even bother to read it. Would you?(1100plus pages).Where is his bipartisanship? He thinks he won a big win, but he didn't. He wants to change the way Washington does business - his own words in his speeches to the American people during his campaign. He has failed!
    A few examples of the pork are: 1.) $87 M for a polar icebreaking ship(that will bring jobs flowing into the job sector).2.)$2B for a "clean coal" power plant in Illinois. In his comments to the press, said it would bring bankruptcy to those who tried it.3.) $20B for food stamps. I will apply tomorrow early in the AM.
    Yes, the Bush admin. had it's faults also and spending and corruption - they both have, so why not start anew. Tax evaders are being nominated to his cabinet.(Daschle out!) Geithner should not be there. Gregg was too smart to stay. He knew that this admin. was not for him.
    I feel bad for the next generation and the generation after them. They will carry this burden and then some more next year. It's never enough for greedy people(politicians included).
    That's how they think and that's what they believe in-let the taxpayer pay the bill!
    Something has to be done in this country to bring it back to its senses- responsibility and accountablility is what keeps this country strong in each and every one of us.
    God Bless the USA!!