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Friday, February 20, 2009

Santelli’s “Moral Hazard”

NBC’s Brian Williams called this the most e-mailed item on the blogosphere on Thursday:

The debate continued on the Today Show this morning:

There are four Facebook Groups dedicated to furthering Santelli's tea party idea.

What do you think?


  1. I think we need a "tea party" protest here in NH! If they can do in Seatle of all places we should organize one here too..

  2. Rick Santelli was right in ranting, and we need more of it across this Nation. There are millions of us people that I have always called the "silent majority". We have a job, a home, a family and live life. The liberals have knocked us down for years, and I believe the time is here and now for the "silent majority" to unite and stand up against the liberals, that includes our Federal Government. How much further are we going to let them push us!!
    We have to stop the Federal Government from passing all of these bills spending money like it is water and our future generations will never get out of debt, and making laws that are taking our freedoms away from us. The Federal Government is treating us like we cannot make a decision for ourselves. We are being pushed so fast by the Federal Government into Socialism, that it is scary.