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Monday, June 29, 2009

McCain Speaks Out on Organized Labor's Influence

Senator John McCain today sounded off against what he sees as the excessive influence of organized labor over the Obama Administration’s policies. From Politico:
"The unions are running a lot of this administration," McCain said during an appearance said during an appearance on the Mike Broomhead show on local radio station KFYI.

"Look what just happened with Chrysler and General Motors," McCain added.

McCain referenced the auto bailouts as well as President Obama's push for a healthcare reform package that includes a public (or "government-run") option for consumers as examples of union influence on the administration.
Having donated over $8 million to the President’s campaign, in addition to thousands of man-hours, it is no surprise that organized labor is looking for something in return.

It appears the President is looking to repay the debt by running the nation’s tab.


  1. So show me some stones.
    Is this an exploratory?
    And why do you now respond to comments on your blog?
    It seems to me that's an indicator of how responsive you won't be to constituent's concerns should you be elected to.....whatever it is you're contemplating running for.
    And you seem to gloss over the fact that it was BUSH who turned record surplusaes into crushing deficits.
    And McCain LOST. Remember? I should care wht he thinks why?

  2. Why do you NOT respond is how the previous should read.

  3. Good point. It is peculiar that there is no exchange of ideas with any of this site/project. It seems there's an outcry for us to be angry and partake but where are the responses and interactions? This is a weak attempt to muddy opinions and get people pissed off with a generic mission that offers finger-pointing and no solutions.