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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cap and Trade

By now, much has been written with regards to the Cap and Trade bill recently forced through the House of Representatives by the Administration and Nancy Pelosi.

From a fiscal stand point, Congressional Budget Office estimates that the legislation will cost over $22 billion annually by 2020 certainly raise read flags.

Further, the predicted costs makes it all the more troubling that, much like the stimulus legislation, there is no way our elected representatives were able to read this massive bill before 219 of them voted to pass it.

Not only did Congressional Democrats write in a 300 page amendment at 3AM the day the bill passed, the final text of the legislation wasn’t posted for public consumption for the first time until this morning – over three days later.

The total number of pages: 1,428


  1. And what the hell is THIS nonsense?

    Imagine it: the same people who were in charge of responding to Hurricane Katrina could soon be making health care decisions for you - with your tax dollars.

    No, I think that was the BUSH administration. This one, by the looks of things, appears to care a bit more about people's well-being than they did.
    You're not impressing me - at all - as anything approaching a man of integrity. You obfuscate, muddy the waters, and blowq Norquist's dog whistles. Again, please state what you're running for.

  2. You're confused Kestrel. The way Katrina was handled had nothing to do with the President at the time - it was handled by federal employees. The incompetence of those employees exists no matter who is in office.
    I worked for one of the agencies involved tangentially in the Katrina relief efforts. I can tell you from a personal perspective that the effort was poorly planned, even more poorly executed, and in the end more effort was put into glossing over the incompetence for the auditors than in planning for future disasters. These are the people he is referring to, and having been part of that group I never want to put my healthcare in their hands - NEVER.