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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Not unexpectedly, HCR 6 failed in the New Hampshire House earlier today:
The New Hampshire House killed a resolution affirming state sovereignty on Wednesday, dashing the hopes of conservative activists who say the federal government should quit meddling in local affairs.

The House rejected Republican Daniel Itse's resolution by a vote of 216-150. Itse's supporters booed from the gallery when the vote came down, briefly disrupting the session.

The resolution said New Hampshire could ignore any federal laws or policies that violated the Constitution. Itse had targeted many policies, including the stimulus bill[.]
As noted in an earlier post on this topic, Itse’s legislative focus here was on an issue much larger than the stimulus. However, the widespread discontent over the package surely contributed to the audience of “hundreds of activists gathered outside the Statehouse before the vote.”

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