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Thursday, March 12, 2009


With the stimulus passed and the funds beginning to flow, STEWARD is in the process of transforming into a spending watchdog resource. The transition was profiled in today's Union Leader:
After making a splash by opposing the $787 billion economic package, Nashua businessman Fred Tausch says he is transforming his "STEWARD" organization and Web site into a spending watchdog resource for interested citizens.

Now that the stimulus has passed and dollars are flowing, Tausch says he will "take STEWARD from an anti-stimulus site to something that will attempt to provide as much information and transparency to New Hampshire citizens about what is going on in the federal government and in the state, with a particular focus on tracing the stimulus."

An economist will soon provide a study forecasting the effect the stimulus will have on the state and then follow up reports on how it actually does impact the state.

Tausch's site will also have freelance reporters write about the effect of the stimulus on citizens, groups of citizens and the business community.

Stay tuned for futher updates to the site, this blog, and more. Also, visit STEWARD on Facebook and follow our Twitter feed to stay connected and track STEWARD's evolution.

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