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Monday, March 2, 2009

Show Me The Money!

Manchester Mayor Frank Guinta is speaking out concerning what he sees as Concord slow walking the stimulus bill monies slated for the Queen City and other municipalities around the state:
“There has been growing frustration among towns and cities because the stimulus has now been passed and information regarding access to dollars has been very slow, … either the information is flowing into the state and the state is slow to disseminate it or they’re still sifting through the actual legislation to try to determine how this money will be distributed.”
Moreover, Guinta and other state officials have recognized that the projected influx of federal dollars will be far smaller than first thought. Simply put, “the total amount of money sought for projects in municipal applications will ‘substantially exceed’ the available funds.”

Of course, these are the sort of hiccups and oversights that can be expected when trying to implement a hastily contrived trillion dollar spending package without enough staff and which no one has read.

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