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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More Jobs Confusion

Despite claims of honesty, transparency, and good government from the Administration, this first round of stimulus job numbers has been nothing close.

Just yesterday, the Administration cut 60,000 jobs from their original guesstimate. ABC reports:
The Obama administration, under fire for inflating job growth from the $787 billion stimulus plan, slashed over 60,000 jobs from its most recent report on the program because the reporting outlets had submitted "unrealistic data," according to a document obtained by ABC News. ...

One recipient – Talladega County of Alabama – claimed that 5,000 jobs had been saved or created from only $42,000 in stimulus funds.

"The administration committed from the start to be upfront with the American people about the impact of the Recovery Act. Overall, the recipients provided good information on the impact of the Recovery Act across the country," Rob Nabors, deputy director at OMB, told ABC News Monday. "The test that we used when examining the data for accuracy was, 'Is that reasonable?' When the answer was no, we acted accordingly."
And now this gem from the Recovery website, check out how many jobs were saved in New Hampshire's nonexistent 00th, 4th, 6th, and 22nd districts.

h/t to Grant Bosse for catching this first.

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