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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Crist Walks Back Stimulus Support

As the stimulus bill's popularity continues to slip, particularly in light of the fabricated claims related to its effectiveness, at least one high profile Republican is walking back earlier support for the legislation. Given Tuesday's election results and the emergence of a vocal, fiscally conservative wing of the Republican Party, this will be an interesting story to watch as Gov. Crist seeks the Senate nomination.
Charlie Crist on CNN yesterday said he didn't endorse the stimulus package. A snippet:

WOLF BLITZER: Let me interrupt for a second, governor. For a second, do you have any regrets about endorsing the economic stimulus package?

CHARLIE CRIST: Well, I didn't endorse it. I — you know, I didn't even have a vote on the darned thing. But I understood that it was going to pass and I wanted to be able to utilize it for the benefit of my fellow Floridians.

Didn't endorse. Got it? No siree. Yet here's that what Crist said Feb. 10 in Fort Myers when he introduced Barack Obama amid chants of "Yes, we can!":

CRIST: "We've had to cut about $7 billion the past two years and we haven't raised taxes and we're still in balance. But to be candid, it's getting harder every day. It's getting harder every day and we know that it's important that we pass this stimulus package. It is important that we do so to help education, to help our infrastructure, and to help health care for those who need it the most — the most vulnerable among us. And let me finish by saying, Mr. President, we need to do it in a bipartisan way. This issue of helping our country is about helping our country. This is not about partisan politics. This is about rising above that, helping America and reigniting our economy."

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