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Friday, April 3, 2009

Barack's Budget

Last night, both the U.S. House and Senate voted to approve separate versions of President Obama’s budget

In the House, the roll call was 233-196 in favor of a $3.6 trillion budget plan that includes a deficit of $1.2 trillion – both Reps. Paul Hodes and Carol Shea-Porter voted in favor.

The Senate vote was 55-43 with every Republican voting against. Democrat Senator Jeanne Shaheen supported it.

Following the vote, Senator Gregg released the following statement:
“This budget, which was passed by the Democratic majority along party lines, puts the nation in a perilous fiscal position. This budget spends so aggressively in order to expand the government that even the largest tax increase in history isn’t enough to pay for it. Instead, this budget doubles and eventually triples the debt, putting us on an unsustainable path that will leave future generations struggling to maintain the same quality of life that we enjoy. It is simply wrong for one generation to do that to the next.

“So I am disappointed to see the Democratic majority put this plan into place, which will not lead to prosperity as they claim, but to a situation where we are steadily sinking under the weight of spending, taxes and borrowing. Prosperity can only result from creating an environment where spending is restrained, the tax burden is low, and the government shows its serious intent to address debt over the long-term. I hope that the budget conferees will work together in a bipartisan way to make the needed adjustments to this fiscal blueprint.”


  1. If the Democrats in Wash. D.C. finance their spending by printing more money we eventually will see inflation at a level never experienced in this country. If it is financed by selling more treasury notes the interest rates needed to attract buyers will be so high that the interest payments on the debt will be astronomical. Either way we all lose.

  2. As grandparents, it is hard to watch a 4 year old and a 2 year old play as if nothing could ever be wrong. In the years to come, they will experience financial woes unimagined by anyone due to the huge spending and pending inflation of the Obama administration. Forget socialism, we are heading straight for communism. Take a look at Cuba. The people there seem to be living high on the hog - NOT!

  3. Iam also a grandparent and I worry so much about the life these precious babies are facing. Part of the problem is these people out there that are only thinking of themselves (I want it now), they are not thinking of the future and the hardships the next generations are facing

  4. dave brown said...
    three biggest crooks congress senate and the new president. we are doomed if we do not get the people together and demand more because they are selling us out to the highest bidder who will give the crooks the most so far china is in the lead wake america we can beat them at there on game if we wake up and start getting in there face and hold them accountable the laws are for them to even if they think they are above the law we really need to keep the presure on all of them so that they are looking over there shoulder knowing we are watching them thank you dave brown

  5. Let us NOT forget, Judd Gregg not only voted for the first $750 bln, but he helped write that ambiguous piece of pork. You may FEEL good about voting for a canidate from the other party, however the results are ALWAYS the same. George Bush spent more in his first four years, than Bill Clinton spent in eight.